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“And now thus saith the Lord that created thee, O Jacob, and formed thee, O Israel: Fear not, for I have redeemed thee, and called thee by thy name: thou art mine. When thou shalt pass through the waters, I will be with thee, and the rivers shall not cover thee: when thou shalt walk in the fire, thou shalt not be burnt, and the flames shall not burn in thee.” Isaiah 43:1-2

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Bloomberg Protest After-Action Report

Vincent, Kal, Kurt and John discuss our glorious invasion of the Bloomberg rally at Hardywood Craft Brewery. Two free beers, puffer coats, boomers: it’s all in here!

Season 1, Episode 5    |    58min

#41 Libertarian Crusaders with Rik Storey

Season 2, Episode 41 Libertarian Crusaders with Rik StoreyWhat is the West? And why do many in the world flee towards it? We discuss why the West is the Best and delve further into these questions with Rik Storey, author of "The Uniqueness of Western Law" to discover...

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#40 Libertarian Crusaders with Phil Kennedy

Season 2, Episode 40 Libertarian Crusaders with Phil KennedyWe sit down with the Great Phil Kennedy, John’s older brother, to discuss financial topics like Cryptocurrency, gold and silver, the Fed, debt, and personal finance. Wondering how to get ahead financially? We...

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Libertarian Crusaders with Matt Freeman

Season 2, Episode 39 Libertarian Crusaders with Matt FreemanThe Libertarian Crusaders talk with Matt from The Statist Quo podcast about the “begaloo” Richmond Lobby Day rally, drug testing, and “other than honorable” discharges. Resource Be sure to check out Matt’s...

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Libertarian Crusaders with Joel Salatin

Season 2, Episode 38 Libertarian Crusaders with Joel Salatin The Libertarian Crusaders sit down with Virginian organic farmer, Joel Salatin, to discuss how he was first introduced to organic farming, being a libertarian in a world of hippies, regulations on types of...

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Libertarian Crusaders with Michael Tozoni

Season 2, Episode 37 Libertarian Crusaders with Michael TozoniThe Libertarian Crusaders interview Michael Tozoni about life in the Soviet Union in the 1980's. Michael discusses his escape from Kiev following the Chernobyl accident, and the details of how Marxism...

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Libertarian Crusaders with Lyn Ulbricht

Season 2, Episode 35 Libertarian Crusaders with Lyn Ulbricht We sit down with Lyn Ulbricht to discuss her courageous fight to free her son, Ross Ulbricht, from the wrongfully imprisonment of the victimless crime of creating the e-commerce website, the Silk Road. We...

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Libertarian Crusaders with Brian Robbins

Season 2, Episode 34 Libertarian Crusaders with Brian RobbinsBrian Robbins is the founder of Virginia Militia, a decentralized network to aid Virginians in banding together at arms. We discuss what militias are and why they're most needed today. With the rise of 2nd...

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Libertarian Crusaders with Bill Ottman

Season 2, Episode 33 Libertarian Crusaders with Bill OttmanBill Ottman is the CEO of Minds, the alternative social networking site of the future that’s geared towards free speech and giving you back control of your digital information. We talk about how governments...

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Joe Paschal of the Libertarian Party of Virginia

Season 2, Episode 32 Joe Paschal of the Libertarian Party of VirginiaIn this interview, we sit down with Joe Paschal, the Vice-Chair of the Libertarian Party of Virginia. We talk gun rights in Virginia, the future of homeschooling, construction safety vs the dreaded...

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